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#Hashtags are Nothing to #joke about On September 24, 2013, #JustinTimberlake appeared on Late Night with #JimmyFallon with a skit about #Hashtags.

People often ask… “What is the best time to post something where it will be read by the greatest number of people?”

Social Politics: The Emerging Role of Social Media in Upcoming Campaigns

In 2008, Americans experienced the first “social media election.” Presidential candidates embraced the web, blogs and other social media platforms to make

Do You Have a Social (Media) Calendar?

The best advice that I can offer any business is to: build a social media calendar; create great content; and post (and

Social Media has its roots in the beginning of email which started in 1970. It has evolved so unbelievably that I thought

Social SEO: Being Seen Requires Being Found

Business owners and marketers ask me everyday, how do I get seen on Google. I tell them, go social and you will

Your Out-Of-Order News Feed is Good News!

Seven years ago, Facebook introduced the News Feed a feature that would impact the way people stay in contact with their families,

36 Rules of Social Media

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