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3 Tips to Increase Brand Love on Social Media

What’s the one thing better than a paying customer? A devoted customer. A customer that repeatedly purchases your goods or services: that

CSR: One Overlooked Way to Bolster Your Brand

You probably know what CSR is, even if you’ve never heard the term before. CSR stands for “corporate social responsibility.” Humanitarian efforts

Step Two: Identify Your Target Audience

This week, we are talking about social media strategy. Step 1 is defining and documenting your goals (and ensuring that they are

The Science of Social Media

In lieu of a blog today, I would like to share a presentation by someone who is truly a leader in social

Facebook Tips: Explore Facebook Advertising

To conclude our week of Facebook Tips and Tricks, I thought we talk briefly about Facebook Advertising. Facebook advertising has come a

Let Your Facebook Page Deny the Box!

Browse through the pages of Facebook and you will find hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages that look exactly alike. If you

Step 4: Post Great Content – How to Create Great Online Content

This week we are covering the 5 steps to creating a social media plan. Step 1 is to identify your target market.

Social Media Planning in One Week: Part One – Target Audience

Before you can create an online or social media campaign, you need an effective plan. This week, we will take you through

Microsites 101: An In-depth Description of these Mini-Websites

Last week, I had lunch with a prospective client. She asked me how I felt about microsites. So in honor of her,

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