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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make Viral Content

Everyone wants to go viral. To post a tweet or video that suddenly makes them the Internet’s Next Big Thing™️. But the

3 Tips to Increase Brand Love on Social Media

What’s the one thing better than a paying customer? A devoted customer. A customer that repeatedly purchases your goods or services: that

CSR: One Overlooked Way to Bolster Your Brand

You probably know what CSR is, even if you’ve never heard the term before. CSR stands for “corporate social responsibility.” Humanitarian efforts

Step Four: Create Engaging and Compelling Content Regularly

Today, we continue our discussion on social media strategy. We talked about setting SMART goals, defining target markets and then choosing the

Step Three: Become an ACE!

Last week, we began talking about social media strategy. Today we continue. We have discussed the setting of goals and evaluating them

Step Two: Identify Your Target Audience

This week, we are talking about social media strategy. Step 1 is defining and documenting your goals (and ensuring that they are

Step 1½ : Are Your Goals SMART?

This week we are talking about social media strategy. The first step we spoke about was defining and documenting the goals for

Social Media Strategy: Identifying Your Social Goals

Have you thought why you have included social media in your marketing strategy? Too many companies decide to include social media because

A Google+ Community Just For You…

Last week, we spoke a lot about Google+. We spoke about how important Google+ was from the SEO perspective and how Google+

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