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How to Generate Leads with Twitter Ads

  Building Your Business With Twitter Ads Twitter has been showing businesses and marketers a lot of love lately. Their recently improved

Step Four: Create Engaging and Compelling Content Regularly

Today, we continue our discussion on social media strategy. We talked about setting SMART goals, defining target markets and then choosing the

Step Three: Become an ACE!

Last week, we began talking about social media strategy. Today we continue. We have discussed the setting of goals and evaluating them

Step Two: Identify Your Target Audience

This week, we are talking about social media strategy. Step 1 is defining and documenting your goals (and ensuring that they are

Step 1½ : Are Your Goals SMART?

This week we are talking about social media strategy. The first step we spoke about was defining and documenting the goals for

Social Media Strategy: Identifying Your Social Goals

Have you thought why you have included social media in your marketing strategy? Too many companies decide to include social media because

A Google+ Community Just For You…

Last week, we spoke a lot about Google+. We spoke about how important Google+ was from the SEO perspective and how Google+

Google Authorship: How to be Seen on Google

If you publish content online, either through a blog, website or another content marketing strategy, you need to be aware of and

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