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How to Generate Leads with Twitter Ads

  Building Your Business With Twitter Ads Twitter has been showing businesses and marketers a lot of love lately. Their recently improved

The Science of Social Media

In lieu of a blog today, I would like to share a presentation by someone who is truly a leader in social

Content Marketing: It only starts with the Blog

This week, we are talking about content marketing. We started with defining it and exploring the numbers that demonstrate its success. Then

Twitter: The Epidemic of Talking to Yourself

I don’t think many people truly understand Twitter and that is a shame. I am going to try to explain Twitter today

B2B Marketing: Here is How Social Media Will Help You Succeed

Most of the time when we include social media in a marketing plan, we are targeting the masses of consumers who may

B2B Marketing is Social… See it Here… [InfoGraphic]

Much of what we write is about reaching mass numbers of people with social media. It makes it the perfect media for

Why Social Media? Because it will Help You Be Found.

The third reason why you must include social media in your marketing toolkit is that it will help you be found online.

Why Social Media? Because You Can’t Aim any Better

Marketing is about taking a great product or service, identifying who would best benefit from it (and pay for it), crafting a

Why Social Media: The Numbers are There…

This week we look into the reasons why you need to be on social media. The biggest reason why I hear my

Post and Repost: The Final Step in Building a Social Media Strategy

This week have went through the five steps of creating a social media plan. The first step is to identify your target

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