The Digital Universe: Understanding the Roles of Digital Marketing Tools

Jun 11, 2014
Jason Baumann

The Digital Univer

Boxless Media was formed to make sense of the digital marketing world for clients. In today’s blog, I thought I would take you through our view of the digital universe. What are the roles of social media, the web, email marketing and advertising? How can all of these tools work together in harmony to help you grow your business? The answers lie below.

When putting together a digital strategy, you have to first remember that the center of your universe needs to be built on real estate that you own. Social networks are not a good place because they can change overnight and you have no control over what changes are made. Therefore the best place to start is with your website.

The Center of the Digital Universe… Your Website

Any digital presence starts with an effective website. If you do not have a website, you need to build one. That is the center of the your universe. On your website, you should have as much information about your company as possible. The more pages and
=content on your site, the better you will rank in the search engines. On each of these pages should be a link that allows your prospects or customers to reach you. This website should also be equipped with an analytics package, like Google Analytics, that allows you to track your success.

Driving Traffic to Your Site with Social Media

People often ask about the role of social media in digital marketing. Social media is one of many tools in the marketing toolbox. Like a hammer, screw driver or ratchet, it is a small part of the toolbox but one that is critical. It is the role of social media to grab the attention of people and direct it towards your website. In only a few months of business, we were able to bring thousands of people to the Boxless Media website by effectively using social media. Social media will generate traffic, it then becomes the role of your website to convert those visitors into customers.

Reaching the Masses with Digital Advertising

As someone who has spent a lot of time in traditional marketing and advertising, I love digital marketing. Never before were you able to target so precisely and reach the exact audience you are looking for. Ten years ago, to reach an audience, you had to find a newspaper or magazine they read and spend a lot of money on print. Now we can choose an exact demographic and reach them. You can reach by age, gender, interests, company, title, professional skills, online habits, etc. It’s truly amazing. Digital advertising is a way to reach prospective customers and direct them to your website. It then becomes the role of your website to convert those visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a very interesting service. Basically Search Engine Optimization includes a bunch of different services that are performed to make your website more attractive to search engines. It ranges from adjusting the coding on your website to submitting your site to directories for inclusion. These services are important in making your site more attractive to those searching for your services online. Its role is to bring new prospects to your website. It then becomes the role of your website to convert those visitors into customers.

Email Marketing and Blogging

Finally, two essential parts of digital marketing are email marketing and blogging. Email marketing and blogging are the easiest ways to bring people back to your website on a continual basis. Prospects typically don’t buy on the first visit. It usually takes some time. By bringing them back to your website regularly, it is more probable that they will buy from you. Building effective email marketing and blogging systems will bring people back to your website. It then becomes the role of your website to convert those visitors into customers.

There were two goals of this blog. First, I want you to understand how all the different elements of digital marketing work. All of these tools are meant to bring customers to your website where you can sell your product. Secondly, I want you to understand how important a good website is to your digital marketing plan. All of the digital marketing tools are traffic generators. Your website is your revenue generator. Are you getting traffic? Are you converting that traffic to business? If you have no traffic, you need to spend time on your digital marketing efforts. If you have no business, you have to work on your website.

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