Twitter Power: Just Listen and You Will Be Rewarded

Feb 28, 2014
Jason Baumann


I am a huge fan of podcasts. Living in a major metropolis (Chicago), the radio stations seem to always play the same music, no matter what type of music you like. So I have opted to dedicated my hours of drive time to listening to podcasts – mostly about social media, small business marketing, entrepreneurship and self-improvement. Last week, I was listening to a podcast by Rick Mulready ( and the expert suggested to monitor the name of your industry and word “help” on Twitter. I tried it with one of my clients, 3rd Coast Imaging. Something really cool happened.

3rd Coast Imaging ( is a digital printing and imaging company located in Chicago. They strive to be leaders in customer service and quality. They asked my company, Boxless Media (, to manage their social media accounts. We provide setup/maintenance of their accounts, scheduled and live engagements and social listening services. I added “printing and help” to a listening stream and found someone looking for help with a print project within an hour. I responded to the tweet with a message to give the staff at 3rd Coast a call the following morning and that they could help. The tweet turned into a phone call, a job, and an amazing client. ┬áThe client was an organization that they had been trying to get into for over a year. It was amazing that this all came from a tweet for help.

The lesson here is that a little listening can go a long way. TweetDeck and Hootsuite are great tools for listening to people on Twitter and other social platforms. This little tip from the podcast opened the door to an amazing client. It also demonstrates that social media works.


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