What The Heck Is Reddit?

Apr 10, 2014
Abraham Villegas


Reddit has always been one of those mysterious social platforms for me. I never really got it. Then I tried it and got completely engulfed in its web. Then I started to use it as part of my content marketing strategy and something magical happened. I received a whole bunch of traffic to my website.

Reddit 101

What is Reddit? Reddit is a social platform that takes all the news, trends, articles and content and brings it together into one place. As it is posted, users can like or dislike with a simple click and those that are liked the most rise to the top while the others fall to the bottom. For business marketers, it is a great way to bring your content to their 114.5 million monthly unique users.

Custom News

Reddit, being a contraction for (read it) changes all of that in a fascinating and almost addictive way. Reddit is considered the gateway to the most interesting things going on in the internet. Some compare it to reading the newspaper, except that Reddit is much better by being interactive, timely, participatory and personalized. What more can someone ask for than what was just described as the perfect news source.


The site has a front page with news topics categorized into subreddits. These subreddits are a massive collection of various entries submitted by users registered to the social networking service. The page looks like a bulletin board of news where users can customize their content based on a large selection of topics and interests. There are five categories in education including Science, Technology, News, WorldNews, and TodayILearned. Additionally, there’s another five categories in entertainment covering Movies, Gaming, Television, and Videos. Reddit doesn’t stop there, they offer many other topics in discussion, humor, and what’s labeled the ‘BestOf’. The best part about Reddit is that one is able to rank content and even comments by upvoting (positive) or downvoting (negative) material, giving other users indication of what’s currently trending.


Unlike other social networks, Reddit provides users with the option to be anonymous. This has its own controversial perspective but at the same time allows for open conversations to exist without the worry of personal identification. Regardless, it can go either way on the internet, but Reddit’s community has people contributing more good than bad, so it is still an essential tool for communication. Overall, Reddit provides users with access to the most interesting trends happening online, even those that you may not always agree with.

Reddit For Business

Reddit is a content sharing platform. If you write a blog or post other valuable content on your site (non-sales), post it on Reddit. We started posting our blogs on Reddit and it became the #1 referrer boosting our traffic that month by more than 40%. Wouldn’t you like an additional 40% traffic to your site?

What do you think? How else have you used Reddit? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment or tweeting us @BoxlessMedia.

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