What the Attorney Needs to Know to Succeed Online

Mar 05, 2014
Jason Baumann

online strategies for attorneys

Attorneys in small and medium sized law firms can benefit greatly from the Internet. Large law firms can also benefit immensely but today we are going to concentrate the smaller firms. The following are some strategies that your firm can employ to see real success online.

1. A Content-Rich Website. Yesterday I wrote about how successful companies are those who answer questions online. This is especially applicable to attorneys. Your firm should have a website with answers to the most important common questions that your clients ask. Answers should be made available to anyone who visits your website without requiring registration. When Google indexes your website, your answers will be the ones clients see. When these people need counsel, they will remember where they got their help.

2. Google+ Page. If you are going to spend time producing content, you will have to cross link your site with a Google Plus page. This is a critical step. By doing this, you invite Google Search to index your content and put your answers in the hands of those searching for help.

3. LinkedIn Networking. Depending on what type of clients you serve, LinkedIn may be a great tool for online networking. An attorney’s LinkedIn involvement should first include an accurate description of their professional experience. Next, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for keeping in contact with professional contacts. Finally engaging with other through groups and other features can also be great source for clients.

4. Facebook/Twitter/Social Engagements – When we look at where people are online, it is social media. It’s there where they are searching for information. The strategic use of social engagements will get you in and your law firm in front of prospective clients. This is a critical part of the process that is unfortunately very time consuming. Boxless Media (and other companies) offer social media management services. Partnering with one of these companies can bring great results to your online efforts.

One of the most difficult parts of being attorney, and one that you are never trained enough for, is finding clients. The Internet and social media is an amazing place to connect. With the right strategy, effective execution and appropriate follow through, there can be amazing results.

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