Why Social Media? The Most Bang for Your (Marketing) Buck

Nov 15, 2013
Jason Baumann

why social media

This week we have been talking about some of the biggest reasons why marketing professionals and business owners need to incorporate social media into their marketing toolkit. We started the week by discussing the massive number of people you can reach using social media. Next we discussed social media’s unparalleled ability to target your communications. Finally, we covered social media’s ability to help you be found on the Internet, specifically in search engines. Our final reason is practical. Social Media is a very low cost marketing investment.

Technically, social media can be free. It doesn’t cost anything to setup a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Google+ presence. So you are able to embrace many different social media platforms for basically little to no investment. You can also get great advice from online blogs, like this one, on how to best utilize these tools.

My recommendations for most startup, small businesses is to find a good social media strategist and hire that person to develop a strategy for you. Often the temptation is to try to handle everything yourself. But the return will be far greater if you are using social media strategically vs. blindly.

By setting up these accounts and posting occasionally, you are only seeing a small percentage of the power that social media has to offer. Like an orchestra, a social campaign has many different instruments and pieces, when all these pieces come together, beautiful things happen.

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