Wunderlist: A Tool I Cannot Live Without

Apr 28, 2014
Jason Baumann

Boxless Media Loves Wunderlist

Every week, I bring a new tool or website to this blog and talk about how it helps the social media professional. I typically stay away from apps and concentrate on social media tools. Today I am talking about an app and website that I could not run my business without, Wunderlist.

Boxless Media was founded about six months as a full service digital marketing firm. We offer social media strategy and management, digital advertising management and web design/consulting services. Since our inception we have grown considerably. We get multiple clients every week and are adding staff members faster than I ever imagined. All of this has lead to a task list that was simply uncontrollable. Until I found Wunderlist. It has (almost) saved my sanity, and definitely improved customer service.

What is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is basically a task organizer. It is a free app that runs via a website, on Macs and PCs and as an app on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones/tablets.  Wunderlist allows you to have multiple task lists for different projects, departments, people, etc. There are free, pro and business editions. I use the free version and it works so well for me. The pro version adds collaboration tools. The business adds collaboration and storage.

Communication Across Platforms

What I love about Wunderlist is that it works very well across platforms with the same account. I keep a list for each of my employees/departments and can add to that list from my iPhone or computer. I keep Wunderlist open on one computer and anyone can check in and mark off projects. I know on my phone or at my desk when things are done. This is one of the biggest, emerging trends in digital technology. Users want to be able to work across multiple platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile. Wunderlist is great at this.

Simple Concept, Excelled

I think the beauty of Wunderlist is in its simplicity. Organize your tasks into categories and check them off as you complete them. There are a lot of task managers out there that try to be much more. Wunderlist isn’t. It’s just a great task list manager. I use the free version because it is just that. I haven’t bought the pro or business versions because I love how the free version works.

This is a very hard blog for me to write. My siblings and I would make fun of our father for his lists. He had lists for everything. A family vacation was not complete without packing lists, meal lists, guest lists, activity lists, etc. Maybe I am finally understanding his madness. So this blog is for you, dad.

What tools do you use? Are there tools that you simply could not operate with? We would love to hear about them. Leave us a comment below and we may feature one in the future!

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